Thursday, October 23, 2014

2-11-15 Getting There

Nice, early morning (1-14-15) photo of Mt. Kangchenjunga from Darjeeling, West Bengal
Another just as the sun is hitting the summit. Beautiful mountain!

So I took some time off you can see and spent several weeks in India and can only recommend it to all readers who have not had the intense pleasure of spending time there. It's an intense experience.

I've been promising to get back to the blog and have sorted through a number of notes from readers wanting to know my whereabouts. The good news is I've done a fair bit of reading in the past three months with a lot of it about the very reason this blog exists which is trying to define more precisely what the White Mountains of New Hampshire looked like during the Wisconsin glacial period, and then some idea of goings on between 11,000 years ago and the present--what was all that about.

Then there are some biographical pieces I've been working on about interesting people who spent a lot of time in and knew a lot about the Whites. Then there will be entries about current things of interest. So heave to, we'll be coming about.