Sunday, October 19, 2008

A young hiker on the granite "sidewalk" of the Twinway near the summit of Zeacliff, September 2008

As I've said, when I was this boy's age the fir and spruce trees were small seedlings and the summit of Zeacliff was covered with blueberry bushes (as it still is only with better views) and you could spend hours picking and eating them simultaneously. In an hour, or two, you could hike up from Zealand Falls Hut and pick a bucket of them, enough to make a few pies for the evening desert and have some left over for blueberry pancakes in the morning. It was not unusual to be so absorbed in picking berries that the first reminder that a thunderstorm was bearing down from the west was when it was almost overhead and you would have to make a dash for for it and head down the trail far enough so you were out of harms way.

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