Monday, October 13, 2008

A beautiful glade along Whitewall Brook in Zealand Notch, October 11, 2008

This is a gorgeous glade I happened upon last Saturday (October 10, 2008) as I meandered down Whitewall Brook south through Zealand Notch. You can see the brook on the right through the trees. I want to 'key out' (as in look it up in a botany book) the grass that is growing there. I'm still not sure what it is as I write this. It could be Dentgrass, Agrostis borealis. I didn't pay enough attention to it when I was standing there taking this picture. I was surrounded by all that beauty and I was trying to take everything in. Natural History, as a discipline, is certainly multifaceted. It focuses on taxonomy and interpretation. Taxonomy being the process of cataloging things, sorting out the myriad details, organizing the odd bits and figuring them out and becoming familiar with them, meaning being able to see what's basically in front of you so you can develop the narrative, the interpretation. I feel Natural History is really about beauty, the incredible beauty of everything around us. I feel the same about social work, which is my profession. Both are ecological; they're about relationships, interactions, and interpretations (stories).

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