Monday, October 6, 2008

Photo of Mt. Washington from Franconia Ridge taken in January 2005 and showing where part of ridge system had eroded over eons.

This is an astonishing photo taken the same day as the one above it of Mt. Lafayette. That's Mt. Washington in the center background slightly higher than the summit of South Twin. To the left is Mt. Garfield with the prominent cliffs facing the camera. In the center of the picture you can actually see where a section of the Garfield-South Twin ridge has crumbled over thousands of years and probably with the help of a glacier, or two, and flowed like lava downhill. You can double click on the photo to make it larger and see more of the detail. By the way, I skied into the cliffs at the base of Garfield last winter (February 2008) and found them to be more than 100 feet high, and solid granite. It surprised me to find a few bolt holes drilled into the rock indicating that climbers had been there before me.

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