Sunday, January 29, 2017

Look What's Coming "Soon".

I'm still being held up by the Rotary Cuff ordeal but at about 95% recovery and hardly any pain. And I'm still working on the piece about botanist Edward Tuckerman of Tuckerman Ravine fame (on Mt. Washington) who lived 6 miles from where I am writing this (Northampton, MA). As mentioned before I have access to his letters and diary that are here in the Amherst College library which I have access to. Their are a number of threads that make the story interesting. Thanks you more being patient.

Scoping out the library I found Nathaniel Goodrich's personal copy (bequeathed with his entire collection of books to Amherst College) of "From the Himalaya to Skye" by Norman Collie, the famous Scottish climber, even if you're not a fan of Collie's the book is out in a brand new printing and covers an enormous amount of history. It starts with the death of Mummery on Nanga Parbat and provides his own records of Canadian Rocky climbs. All proceeds from the new printing are going to the Muir Trust in Scotland.

Also, while I've been recovering I've done quite a lot of reading and recommend one book in particular for any of you science minded folks titled: "Lab Girl" by Hope Jahren that has been on the Best Seller list for a few months. A lot of "new" science is explored particularly about the physiology of trees (plants in general), some things about continental glacial mechanics, and the rigors of being both a female and scientist.

I'll be back soon enough.

All Best, Alex MacPhail (