Sunday, March 22, 2009

3-22-09 Red Rock Basin. Is it a cirque?

This is a picture of what I call Red Rock Basin. It is formed by Mt. Guyot on the northeast side and Mt. Bond, and West Bond, on the southeast side. People have been wondering for years if it's a glacial cirque (predating the Wisconsinan continental ice sheet), or not. The question will probably be resolved this summer when Andrew Riely, and maybe a group of us, will do some research in there.

This is the same picture which appeared earlier in the blog of the summit of Mt. Lafayette from just below the summit of Mt. Lincoln. If you go back to the earlier photo, taken in January 2006, you can compare how the snow is distributed across the ridge and down the east side of the mountain. There's very little difference even though 2009 has seen much more snow.

Two hikers, a Canadian couple from Quebec, relaxed out of a light wind in the enticingly warm sun on the summit of Mt. Lincoln.

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