Monday, March 16, 2009

3-16-09 Beech

Beech leaves drenched with sultry March sunlight on the Valley Way in Randolph

Wow! I think I had some really bad karma from past lives and it suddenly reared its head and struck with a vengeance at, of all things, my car; my trusty old car that I’ve coddled for years hoping it would purr through another 100k. I just finished putting two grand into it hoping it would run forever, you know, like me. It was one of those sustainability IQ tests and I flunked. So, whatever it was, karma or no karma, the car’s engine went as I was coming home from my Galehead hike a month ago. I guess the point is how difficult it was for me to let go of the car even though its erratic mechanical condition, the amount of time it's been in the shop, has been hampering my regular work and weekend hiking trips. At any rate, after weeks trying to find a vehicle to replace it I now have a "new" older car that's perfect. So I discover, once again, that it's okay sometimes to just let go, to let yourself free trust! Life can be so astonishing!

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