Friday, December 19, 2008

Mt. Owls Head, Pemigewasset Wilderness from Mt. Lincoln, 2006

At any rate, this movement of earth by water as a result of the glaciers melting must have been an enormous process, a profound contagion of different forms of energy combining to create ponderous results. For the most part the results were mass wasting on a huge scale as chunks of mountains eroded. The photo below was taken the same day and almost the same place as the one above and it shows Owls Head in the foreground with Carrigain the high mountain in the back. On Owls Head you can see the channels where melt water from the glacier poured down the west flank. I’ve often thought of Owls Head with this large slab of glacial ice perched on top and a deluge of melt water cascading down like a cloud burst on a sand pile (but there is bed rock there and it is probably is granite).

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