Friday, December 19, 2008

Alexander "Mac" Mckenzie (left) and Robert "Gramps" Monahan (right), Pinkham Notch, June 1984

I'm slipping this photo in with Andrew's article on weather in the Whites and his account of the Highest Wind Velocity ever recorded on the planet. These two world famous characters (and they were definitely characters!) in the photo were member of the Observatory crew in 1934 and were both founders of the 'new' observatory in 1932 along with Joe Dodge and Sal Pagliuca. Alex, or "Mac" as he was called, was at the Observatory the day the World Record gust of 231 mph made history. This photo was taken in June 1984 at Pinkham Notch as members of the Observatory celebrated the 50th anniversary of the event. Robert, or "Gramps" as he was called, wrote the classic Mt. Washington Reoccupied, published in 1933, which describes in great detail the first year at the Mt. Washington Observatory. The word 'Reoccupied' in the title accounts for the fact that in 1870-1871 a weather observatory was opened on the summit by Professor Charles Hitchcock, then State Geologist for the state of New Hampshire and his assistant, J. H. Huntington.

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