Sunday, April 29, 2012

4-23-12 Looking Through Some old Photos from the 1970s

From the mid-1960s through the 1970s I took myriad black and white photos around the White Mountains and, off and on, I've been printing some of them. I'm including a few here and will start with a few from Lonesome Lake. For a few summers, there were a couple of aluminum boats on the lake provided by the state (not the AMC). I don't remember what happened to the boats but they're not there now. Anyway, these two guys came up for a day of fishing in the Fall of 1978, and this fish was all they caught that day. They threw it back in the lake.
A state park employee doing some public service on a Saturday (in 1978) when there were a lot of people; hikers and fisherman and sight seers, on and around the lake. At that time there was a family of beaver that was very active on the lake and I would often row out to the center of the lake in the early evening and sit as still as I could and eventually the beaver would come out and swim around the boat being nosey. They became quite friendly that fall and would stick around and play while I watched the sunrises and sunsets. The state had them all trapped (killed) that winter in an effort to control the population.
Sunrise from the middle of Lonesome Lake, September 1978.
Sunset from South Twin looking towards Garfield and Lafayette and in the shadows below you can make out Galehead Hut. September 1976.
An AT thru-hiker on South Twin in September 1976.
The amphitheater on Carter Dome with Pulpit Rock in the upper left hand corner. Novemberr 1976.
Cater Notch Hut. October 1976.
Wildcat Mountain from Carter Lake, Carter Notch. January 1977.
Cal Harris at Lakes of the Clouds in 1982. Isn't she lovely? She was the most wonderful teacher and had a wonderful spirit. She was married to Slim (Stuart K.) Harris and together they had worked and studied and taught in the White Mountains for years going back to the 1920s. Cal was a consummate naturalist and had a key role in re-establishing the present-day-vibrant population of dwarf cinquefoil (P. robbinsiana) on and around Monroe Flats after it was decimated by hikers.
Looking southeast towards the Northern Presidentials; Mts. Jefferson, Adams and Madison, from North Percy Peak. Lake Christine is in the valley. August 1967.
This and the two that follow are photographs I took in early December 1976 after a light snow.

The beaver dam on the Zealand Trail at the "corner" bridge.
Zealand Hut on a winter evening in January 1977.
I included a photo of the 1976 Fall Trail Croo in a piece I wrote in the blog back in August after working at Galehead for a couple of days. The only negatives of the trail croo I had at that time included the one I published plus several more in which the trail croo were in the act of disrobing and "mooning" the camera. A few weeks ago I found these negatives taken at the same time and in which the croo managed to keep all their clothes on. There are 14 negatives each with a different configuration of the group. I liked these best. They look a little like the Monty Python cast.

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