Friday, August 26, 2011

8-23-11 Convalescing and Waiting for Irene

This is a photo of Mt. Adams from Sam Adams taken at 6 pm August 30, 2010. I'm republishing these photos (below) that first appeared in a story about Madison Spring Hut exactly a year ago. I've done a little more work on them, tweaking them in Photoshop, while I recover from major surgery that occurred on August 1st. It's been a long haul, but an adventure, too. Three or four days on morphine was kinda fun. When I arrived at the hospital the morning of the surgery I was confident that I was going to hop up off the operating table after the operation, thank the doctors, and drive back to work but it didn't work out that way, alas. Instead it was a week in the hospital and another week pretty much on my back at home with strange tubes sticking out of me. Anyway, that's all behind me and I now have the added confidence that I'm in excellent health.

In the meantime, my daughters were here taking care of me, and Liz spent some of the time going through my iPhoto albums and picked out photos she particularly liked including these from the Madison overnight last August. I agree with her. I took them in a swirl and printed them right after the trip. Looking at them now I see some that are indeed lovely but needed more work. They include the following series of the sunrise from Mt. Madison looking over at the clouds on Mt. Adams and the sun coming up over Madison (all happening simultaneously) the morning of August 31st (2010). The light is astonishing.

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