Thursday, June 30, 2011

6-30-11 While Out Painting Mt. Chocorua

This is a well-known view of Mt. Chocorua from Rt. 16 in Tamworth, NH, looking through the white birches and across the two lakes in the foreground. I use to hear boasts that it's the most photographed mountain view in the world but that's probably no longer true. This is a painting done in the late 1950s by a well known artist from North Conway, NH, Dick Packer, who painted this view so many times he used to boast that he could paint it upside down blindfolded. (see Mountains and Art blog post 4-27-10)

Anyway, I got an email today from a Ron Martin in Pennsylvania who came across this photo of Dick taken sometime in the 1950s while he was working on the oil painting above of Chocorua (one of my favorite Packer paintings). Ron wrote, "Attached is a very interesting photo by Everett Clark probably from the 50s. I have a dozen or so pics. Any ideas on who the artist might be?" I do know who he is. I'm proud to say I knew him very well and I used to mow the grass around his house and studio every summer Saturday in exchange for painting lessons and a big bowl of (fluffy) tapioca pudding his wife, Barbara, made for me each week. (I was about 11 years old.) Thanks for sharing the photo, Ron. It's quite a coincidence. I'll send a copy to his daughter, Gale.

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