Monday, February 14, 2011

2-14-10 Aquatic Plant Studies Continued

This is a bit of worthwhile news in that I've been fortunate in receiving the original print of Lawrence Collins limnological study that included Eagle Lake on Mt. Lafayette and Lakes of the Clouds on Mt. Washington. I'm indebted to Marjory Collins, Larry's sister, for loaning me her only copy as I was unable to locate mine. The data contained is invaluable for future research regarding possible changes that may have occurred in the aquatic plant population of all the lakes we studied in 1965, but certainly the two alpine lakes. My foray this past summer into Eagle Lake and Lakes of the Clouds plus cursory studies of Lonesome Lake, Carter Lake and Zealand Pond (see Blog entries 7-27-10, 8-7-10, 8-8-10, 8-14-10, 8-15-10 and 8-20-10) will be the beginning of more in-depth (no pun intended) studies during the 2011 summer. So, thanks Margery for pushing onwards and getting this in the mail.


Jason said...

I'm looking forward to reading posts from the upcoming "in-depth" reports this summer!

Alex MacPhail said...

Hi Jason, Well I'm looking forward to researching and writing those reports. I've gotten really bogged down with Social Work here in western Mass and hope to get North this weekend for a hike. How are you? Have you been out on the trail much? Hope you're having a great winter. Take care, Alex.