Sunday, August 1, 2010

7-31-10 Important Updates

I've been looking for this family photo (above) for years and found it last tucked away in a book of Robert Frost's poetry . The passenger in the car (I think it's a Pierce Arrow) is my mum with my grandmother at the wheel. They're driving through Crawford Notch. The date on the back of the photo says 1913 so it was taken almost 100 years ago.

There are two cool updates pertaining to this blog:

The first is there's a new bedrock geology map and book titled The Presidential Range It's Geologic History and Plate Tectonics published earlier this year (2010) by J. Dykstra Eusden. The map is very cool. The book is a relatively thin paperback billed as a "clearly written geologic history of the Presidentials, profusely illustrated in color and accompanied by a full-color topographic map" which means it has been written for the lay person as well as geology buffs. Eusden is a professor of Geology at Bates College in Lewiston, ME. I saw the book at Lakes of the Clouds and bought my own a copy. It's available from:; Bondcliff Books in Littleton, NH,; The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services at 603-271-2975, and from the publisher Durand Press, Lyme, NH (

Another cool book has been published recently (I love books) and caught my eye at Carter Notch two weeks ago titled Lichens Above Treeline written by Ralph Pope (published in 2005) which is a compact, comprehensive, well illustrated guide to lichens in the Northeast and particularly the White Mountains. It's published by University of New England Press in Lebanon, NH and can be obtained from and other on-line resources. I purchased one for 10.95 plus shipping so its not expensive. It's an important resource and updates all previous information about Lichens that has been published. I've been using the chapter on lichens in the AMC's Mountain Flowers of New England written by Jean Langenheim as my primary source for keying out and naming lichens but that was published 50 years ago .

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