Monday, January 18, 2010

1-14-10 Two photos

Here are two photos relevant to recent discussions. The first was taken by my friend Stephen Neubert ("Neubs") of his daugher, Sam, on the Tuckerman Cross Over Trail near the western edge of Bigelow Lawn with the summit of Mt. Washington in the background. Two things I like about the photo are, (a), how symmetrical the summit cone looks from this angle. The other, (b), is the real sense of there being a "sea of rocks" on this southern side of Washington and getting a better idea, a feeling almost, of the rock texture.

and this is a recent photo of Mt. Adams from Lowe's Bald Spot. It shows a lot of detail, but it also underlines what a beautiful mountain Adams is. That's J. Q. Adams on the right. The "old" Adams Slide Trail, a favorite of mine that is now officially closed and no longer listed, follows the ridge that goes diagonally up to the summit from left of middle of the photo. It has a rise of almost 2,300 feet in altitude in a little over a mile!

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