Tuesday, September 8, 2009

9-08-09 Interview on National Public Radio

I was recently invited to be interviewed on National Public Radio by Dick Gordon who hosts a show called The Story out of the University of North Carolina. He asked me about my walk across the US in 1974 when I walked along back roads from Maine to Oregon via West Virginia and Kansas, taking pictures of people that I met.

The invitation to be interviewed by Gordon came as a surprise. It went forward quickly so that I didn't have much time to think about it, but as it turned out it was very cool. Gordon and his staff were great to work with. I initially felt nervous and a bit self conscious but the interview went smoothly and I was relaxed. I wasn't able to hear the show when it aired but listened to it later on my computer. By early evening of its airing I had received dozens of emails from people all over the US and a few other countries including one from Peru complimenting the show and my photographs. I got emails from friends I haven't talked to since high school and college which was amazing. So it was a wonderful gift to know that people were listening and were inspired by what they heard in the story and saw in my photographs. Reading the emails I couldn't help thinking about the people I photographed all those years ago who were so open and generous with me; who were so gracious, and for that I thank Dick Gordon and his staff and everyone who contacted me afterwards. It was a great experience.

My interview on The Story

My blog containing some of the photos from my walk across America.

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