Wednesday, July 1, 2009

6-20-09 Zealand and Bunchberries continued.

Bunchberry was out in force. This little woods opening was nearl carpeted by the white flowered plants.

Then we began seeing Lady Slippers (Cypripedium acaule) everywhere in shades of pink and white and became enthralled not only by the variations in colors but the large numbers of them. They were everywhere, or so it seemed, and each one was a slight variation; a little darker pink, a pale blush of pink, or an opalescent white. There was no end to them!

The white Lady Slippers were my favorite particularly this one in which the white was like a pearl, or opal, and looked like a jewel.

This is more of chalk white compared to the one above. The white flowers were difficult to photograph. The auto focus mechanism on my camera (a Canon G10) would not give a clear picture without numerous attempts. It had nearly always off with white subjects so it may have had something to do with the white balance. At any rate, I had to lay on my belly to get these pictures and startled a few hikers that passed close by. They may have thought I'd died.

Spinulouse Woodfern (Dryopteris spinulose). There are two other local varieties of woodferns: Evergreen Woodfern and Mountain Woodfern. The photo above is most likely the variety Mountain Woodfern because of it's location, the heighth of the fronds and the angle of the leaves to the stem which is perpendicular to the stem. Sometimes the leaves are "ascending" meaning they slant upwards a few degrees.

This is one of my favorite things in the whole world, blueberries, the low bush kind you find all over the White Mountains. The Zealand trail is rich in blueberries, rasberries and blackberries.

As noted above the first trail junction on the Zealand Trail is the A-Z (as in A to Z) Trail which departs a half mile below the hut towards Route 302 and Crawford Notch. This trail sign is more typical of signage throughout the White Mountains. This one has been been placed by the AMC. The AMC is one of three entities that oversee trail maintenance that includes the US Forest Service and the Randolph Mountain Club (RMC).

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