Sunday, February 15, 2009

Then in these photos from this afternoon (2-14-09) you can see the extent of the vegetation on top of the slide now. It’s mostly balsam fir (Abies balamea) with some straggly yellow birch (Betula lutea var. cordifolia). The fir varies from an inch in diameter (dbh) to four inches and there are several individual trees that are 30-40 feet tall. The last of these pictures was taken from the same place as the one above from 1968 looking towards the boulders and is aimed in the same direction so you can see the density and relative progression of the reforestation that is occurring.

A quick conclusion: I’ll get back up there as the snow melts and set up two transect lines up the slide to use for sampling which will mainly focus on the soil types and soil depths to see if there is any evolutionary soil development. as in the Goldthwait paper on Muir Inlet.

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