Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dense growth of conifers with white birch, Whitewall Mountain, 7-12-08

We picked a Saturday because of my schedule and that was a bit hard on Andrew as he absolutely had to pack that day which meant going out to the road, tying on a 80 pounds, or so, of fresh food and packing it back up to the hut. Because of this our time was limited but that was okay.

We did compromise our time line by NOT climbing the steep, 60 degree gully that ascends the 1000 foot high west face of Whitewall from the Ethan Pond Trail. The gully is the quickest way up but sketchy for two people to do together in that it is very steep and the boulders that provide footing tend to move sickeningly as you climb (or descend). There is a high possibility, also, of sending small chunks of rock down on your mate. Instead we choose to go up the broad, gently sloping and densely forested north side.

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